First and foremost, we shall try to level out the term ‘Progressive Jackpot’ as an entity. This jackpot progresses and accumulates by taking up a certain percentage of bets made on the game. 

If a player hits the jackpot, its value gets reset to a specific value and accumulates by following the same earlier process. Players are often attracted to these slot games as their history speaks of some of the biggest wins in the gambling industry.

In the computing age, accumulating small percentages of bets is easier to connect as most online casinos are connected to a central jackpot network. Due to the ease of placing bets online, the jackpot volume quickly gets high, leaving lucky punters the chance to hit serious jackpot cash.

What are The Chances of Punters Hitting The Jackpot?

Chances of Punters

In all sincerity, it would be a big farce to say that punters have any iota of chance to hit these jackpots. Only fortunate and less-expectant persons have hit it high on progressive slot games. 

The hit frequency of the jackpot slots is stipulated to make big payouts every three to six months. However, it may be hard to hit the big bucks, but it is not impossible. Thus, we shall outline certain dos and don’ts in the next section on hitting these jackpots.

A Few Things to Do to Increase Your Chances of Hitting the Jackpot

These steps outlined in this section are not entirely assurances on the eventuality of hitting the jackpot. However, you may even incur a not-so-small win from these jackpot slots by mindfully doing the following:

  • Always be on the lookout for bonuses to serve as extra bankroll for your jackpot ambition. It helps to increase your budget while allowing a conservative play for a more extended period. However, the pain of losing subsides way quicker when bonuses are being expended instead.
  • For instance, the Mega Moolah slot is arguably the most popular in the progressive jackpot section, and it would attract most players to it. However, we advise that you look out for more spartan jackpot slots with fewer players. This action might level up your chances of winning.
  • If you are most serious about securing the big bag, never handpick paylines to bet on. Always, but not compulsorily, place maximum bets. Max bets increase your chances of winning by a long mile, rather than spinning for ages on a couple of paylines and hoping for a miracle. 
  • Everything about these casino games is more or less reliant on calculations. Huge payouts are made in three to six-month intervals. Once you know the schedule, why not hop on the chance when it is ripest?
  • However, stay on the right side of caution and responsible gambling by setting a budget. Know when to cut your losses and move on rather than puncture a devastating hole through your finances. 


You can get spinning away by taking cognizance of the tips in the text. Also, be responsible, as only you would be held accountable for your mishaps.