Keno is a game of luck, and it is largely underrated. But that doesn’t mean you can’t apply some smart moves that will influence the outcome of your game especially when you play online using your IviBet Casino login details.

How do you influence the hands of luck every time you play Keno? 

The hands of luck have the final say in the game. This doesn’t mean we throw our hands up in despair and accept whatever results of nature. Don’t get misled, these tips will not make you win every single Keno game. You won’t. But you can see and get better results.  And this isn’t a cheating strategy or some tips that will get you kicked out from land-based casinos in Vegas. There’s no harm in putting these ideas into action, we will be happy if you get much improved results as you play Keno. We are assuming that you are playing Keno for the first time.

1. Choose Casinos (and Games) With Better Payouts

Choose Casinos

The Casino where you play matters. First of all, you want to ensure you play in a casino that has been registered and verified. Don’t forget that like you, the aim of the casino is also to make money. In some casinos, the odds are unfavorably stacked against you and you are guaranteed to lose your bets all the time. It is an unfair way for these casinos to make their money. 

It’s always great to know what RTP percentages are offered by these casinos. You also want to be sure about their authenticity and payouts when you win games.

For Keno games, it’s great to do due delight research about the best casino to play at. A casino with a 50/50 winning chance without any external game influence is the best to play at. While this may not be much of a tip, it’s equally important. 

2. Play For Free, Master the game.

Play For Free

Keno isn’t complicated. It’s very easy to play. What we frown at is when first-time Keno players dive into real money bets, hoping to make money on the go.

The basic rule for beginners, it’s not ideal to bet on games straight away. It doesn’t matter the casino games you play. You have to play for free first and learn the antics of the game.

Spending a month or two, learning how the game works will save you a series of losses as a first-time player. Well, while playing for free has different dynamics from playing with real money, it costs money to stake in games. You’d be losing more if you know nothing about the game you play.

And even if you know about the next tips that will improve your Keno chances, still play for free first. Casino platforms work differently, playing free games will make the obvious flaws of the casino obvious to you. You’d see winning patterns on that you can base your game strategy. It’s better to play for free and don’t risk any money betting in the first place.


Before playing Keno games, it is good to do your due diligence on what casinos to play at. Understand how your casino works, do not give in to the temptation to gamble for real money. Practice first. Practice, practice, practice!