Gone are the days when only the upper class in society could place horse race bets and the like. Now, there are several online sportsbooks where punters can place bets without restrictions and interference. 

The popularity of sports betting sites has grown in recent years, and this is undoubtedly due to their sporting diversity. These sites cover a vast horizon of sports worldwide, with pre-event and live odds being provided.

Depending on what sport you are interested in, you can now place bets on your mobile phones from the comfort of your abode or on the go. Several casual punters engage in small stakes, while there are high rollers who place big bets to even win more significant amounts in prospects.

However, our article will cover some of the greatest and biggest wins players have made in recent times. So keep reading and stay entertained. 

Billy Walters – 2010

Billy Walters - 2010

The world of sports betting was rocked heavily in 2010 when an individual named Billy Walters placed an insane bet on the New Orleans Saints and won 3.5 million dollars in return. The Saints then went on to win their first Super Bowl against the Colts by a wide margin of 31 to 17. This win today is not just the biggest win in sports betting but profiled among the most significant wins across the gambling industry.

Vegas Dave – 2015

Many casinos considered Dave a liability as he intended to bet on the Kansas City Royals to bring home the World Series. He had to divide his bet between 15 casinos, but it was ultimately worth it in the end, as his favored team defeated the New York Mets to win the World Series at a 30/1 odds. The eventual prize amount in the future was about $2.5 million.

Steve Whiteley – 2011

This case is probably one of the biggest betting wins resulting from the cheapest bets. Steve had planned to use a free ticket to enjoy a $2 gamble on a horse racing tournament. Instead, to the surprise of a lot of people, Whiteley correctly predicted the six winning horses on that eventful day and went home with a considerable sum of $1.7 million.

Mike Futter – 2003

Mike Futter - 2003

On this eventful day, Futter felt whimsical enough to bet on his horse – Monty Pass, after they gave it down-bad odds from 40/1 to 16/1. However, upon winning the race, he was given approximately $380,000 as the owner of the winning horse and a whopping sum of $460,000, in the present day conversion rate, for the bet placed. It was a day to never forget by Futter.

James Adducci – 2019

This gentleman decided to choose to side with Tiger Woods to be the 2019 Masters champion despite him winning it the last 11 years before that time. However, James seemed confident in himself, as he placed a massive $85,000 bet on Tiger Woods. His braveness led to him recuperating up to $1.2 million in winning amounts, thus making it onto our list.